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Medeli M361,5 oktavlık güce sahip olduğu için müzik meraklıları ve yeni başlayanlar için güçlü bir taşınabilir klavyedir.Medeli M361, 633 çeşit ses ve 220 çeşit stile sahiptir.Medeli M361,müzik tutkunları için sınırsız olanaklara sahip bir org modelidir.Sizde tuş hassasiyetli Medeli M361'e sahip olmak istiyorsanız'dan satın alabilirsiniz.


portable electronic keyboard, 61 touch sensitive keys, 2 x 10 watt
M361 helps music enthusiasts to take music creation to the next level. On top of all the amazing features of M361, a style creator software is available at your fingertip. Simply load the software on a PC and connect it with the keyboard, you are free to let your imagination flow. The keyboard records up to 10 6- track songs with your creation of melody and accompaniment. Alternatively, the songs could be conveniently stored on a USB device.
With performance assistant, playing becomes more interesting. In the piano mode, the performance assistant helps you to perform many difficult skills by providing beautiful phrases to enrich the music. In the guitar mode, the keyboard will be divided into different parts to control different parameters, providing guitar phrases like strum, broken chord, echoism and endings. Just like playing the real guitar. M361 is a keyboard with versatile function to cater both beginners and experienced music players a like.
Another fun feature is the Vocal Effect. Plug in a microphone in the mic jack and a music player in the Aux in, you can then sing along to your favorite music, with special effects. Tremolo, Overdrive, Reverb are all on board, giving you a whole new experience to explore with your voice.
Keys: 61 keys with touch response
Display: LCD
Polyphony: 128
Voices: 653
Accompaniment Styles: 240+10 users
Registration Memory: 48
Songs: 160+10 users
Demo: 8
Recording: 5 tracks + accompaniment
Connections: DC-power,Headphone/Line-out (1/4" jack), Sustain (1/4" jack), USB, Microphone (1/4" jack), Aux-In (1/4" stereo jack)
Power supply: DC 12 volt/1000mA or 6 x AA batteries
Speakers: 2 x 10 watt, 4 Ohm
Dimensions: 956 x 360 x 133 mm (bxdxh)
Weight: 5,3 kg without batteries
Included accessories: Power supply (MAD 12/1000), Music rest, Manual

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